Tuesday, August 15, 2017

UR Sounds 003

Seth Kasselman - Left Out c90 (UR Sounds 003)

Abandoned, left to rot and melt, the perfect syrup for the latest cassette offering by Warm Climate’s Seth Kasselman “Left Out” is an experiment in analog tape abuse taken to extremes, full of ephemeral debris. Sourced primarily from cassettes found at Goodwill thrifts, Kasselman stretches, mixes, and beats “theme and variation” into the ground with the aural equivalent of blurry vision. Taking the idea of nostalgia and turning it into a fog of passing sounds, “Left Out” is both familiar and completely disorienting. This 90 minute sound collage, meticulously crafted like most of Kasselman’s work, also sounds as though it was pulled from a burning garbage can. In addition to sourcing his sounds from other people’s leftovers, Kasselman also points out how the Goodwill itself, by acting as a non-profit, allows their CEOs to get wealthy while treating their underpaid employees, often disabled, like disposable objects.


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